• August 02, 2019
  • By tecniqode

A drone delivery program in Switzerland has been suspended indefinitely after one crashed just 50 yards away from a group of children.

Reports state that the Matternet 10-kg (22-pound) drone, capable of carrying up to 2-kg of goods, ran into issues during a flight in Zurich in May. Although the drone was equipped with an emergency parachute, its safety features failed and the cutting the connecting cord during its emergency landing, resulting in an uncontrolled crash.

Although it is said nobody was injured, this incident has been seen as a major near miss.

The incident comes as multiple regulators are easing flight restrictions to allow commercial drone deliveries. Google’s Wing has been granted regulatory approval to make deliveries in the US and Australia, and in the US the FAA is considering new rules that would allow drones to fly over crowds and at night.

This is the second crash suffered by the Swiss drone delivery program this year. Back in January one of the drones, which is operated by US drone startup Matternet in collaboration with Swiss Post, had a GPS system malfunction, causing it to make an emergency landing.