• August 08, 2019
  • By tecniqode

Russia has unveiled a new stealth combat drone that can fly from Moscow to London to launch attacks.

The Okhotnik, known as ‘Hunter’ in Russian, is reported to have capabilities that is capable of evading radar and firing unspecified missiles to a distance of 1,250 miles.

Footage has emerged showing the 20-minute maiden flight of the unmanned craft which it is thought will be used for combat missions, and spying. The smart technology thought to have been in creation for the past 8 years, will be able to be controlled from a manned warplane, from ground control, or even using its own “brain”.

A source at Sukhoi, the Russian manufacturer who have produced the craft, said: “The possibility is… envisaged for the drone’s completely autonomous flight without the operator’s participation when it takes off, performs its programme and lands only under the control of its own guidance system.”

Despite a takeoff weight of 20 tonnes, this drone is reported to be “practically invisible to radars” and to have a range of 3,100-miles at a speed of 625mph.

That capability, combined with the 1,250-mile range of its missile system, could make it capable of launching attacks as far as mainland United States.

The craft is equipped with electro-optical spying, radar, and other types of reconnaissance.

Whilst it is unlikely you will come across this drone available on the shelves at the moment, these developments in drone technology are rapidly becoming a threat for civilians.

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