• August 13, 2019
  • By tecniqode

In response to a world-wide boom in drone use, Martek Counter UAS have undertaken huge expansion plans to ensure that security and protection is readily available to combat the emerging threat of drone misuse.

Receiving significant investment from parent company Martek Drones Ltd, the new Martek Counter UAS division has undertaken a number of expansion activities in chase of their “Dedicated to Drone Defence” ethos.

These recent expansion plans have included the addition three new members of staff, Alex Roskoss – Technical Manager, Amy Johnson – Marketing and Events Executive, and Christian Baskerville – Sales Executive, creating the new Martek Counter UAS team of counter drone industry experts based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

In addition to this, a brand-new website has been launched, allowing access to all the latest news and information surrounding drone protection and incidents, including weekly expert blogs, and counter drone product details, such as M.A.D.S – the Martek Anti-Drone System.

M.A.D.S™ is an advanced modular system capable of identifying drones within a 5km range, providing GPS positioning of both drone and pilot together with the drone’s speed and heading. Configurable and escalating stage alarms in real time allow the threat level to be assessed in good time to decide on appropriate defence actions. Once a real drone threat has been established, the drone threatcan be defeated at a range of ratio 1:1 (pilot to POI) or > 1:1 (pilot to POI) distance depending on the defeat sensor choice. This can create an exclusion zone of 360×180 degree or a directional zone that will force the drone return to the pilot.

Also available on the Martek Counter UAS website is a brand-new suite of downloadable brochures, offering a bespoke insight into the threat of drones and how to defeat them for a variety of industries including Superyachts, Ports/Marinas, Land-based Military, Navy and Coast Guard, Residential, and a buyers guide offering full product information.

The Martek Counter UAS team have also teamed up with a number of new partners and agents including, Disvent Ingenieros (Barcelona) and Hellenic Drones (Greece) to provide help provide tailored international protection from drones.

Erik Van Wilsum – Head of Martek Counter UAS commented “We’re delighted to be able to welcome the new team and of course our new partners who will be helping to distribute our counter drone systems in various countries world-wide.”

“In addition to the new expert team, website and brochures, we have also invested in a brand-new demo van and dedicated demo location at Elvington Airfield in York (United Kingdom), enabling us to showcase the counter drone capabilities of M.A.D.S to potential clients and partners.”

“It truly is an amazing time for Martek Counter UAS, and we’re really excited lead the way for the Counter Drone Industry in protecting the skies from terrorist drone use.”

For more information on Martek Counter UAS’s recent expansion, or to see how M.A.D.S can increase your safety and security visit: www.martekcuas.com or contact one of our experts on +44 (0) 330 11 711.