From passenger vessels and tugboats to oil tankers and container ships, any vessel engaged in commercial operations is under threat from the terrorist use of drones. Ships in port, at anchor or on coastal transits are simply ‘sitting ducks’ and currently powerless to know if/when they’re going to be attacked, let alone be in a position to defend against the threat. Terrorist use of drones deploying explosives and poison gas attacks are well documented and the potential for a drone to deliver an explosive charge, or even payloads such as nerve-gas on-board a commercial ship is a stark reality.


M.A.D.S Helps You Safeguard From The Increasing Drone Threats

Invasion of privacy

Zoom lens video surveillance

Covert listening Technology

Airborne attack

Remote aerial hacking

How M.A.D.S Can Help You

Detect and identify threats within 5km

Identify exact location of the drone operator

Monitor GPS position and flight path

View historical drone detection data

Disrupts control signal between drone and operator

Commands drone to land or return to sender

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M.A.D.S will detect and identify an incoming drone threat within 5km.