• August 13, 2019
  • By tecniqode

As the increase in drone use continues to cause security, safety and privacy concerns, this is leading many people and businesses to seek solutions to the risks posed by drones.

There have been some worrying incidents of drone use including terrorists using them to carry explosives, media using them to collect images or videos of celebrities/politicians and the chaos caused at Gatwick Airport when it was shut down due to a drone flying in the airspace. When these kinds of problems occur and seem to be increasing in both frequency and severity, it is easy to see why people are desperate to find a way of removing the threat.

For some, this has included the acquisition of illegal drone deterrents. As these solutions are relatively new, there is a lot of uncertainty around what is and isn’t legal. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to, so here is what you need to know about illegal drone deterrents and how to legally shut down drones:

Shooting the drone out of the sky

There have been a number of instances in the US of people using firearms to shoot a drone out of the sky. Of course, firearms laws in the UK restrict the use of powerful firearms but even in the US, shooting a drone is classed as shooting an aircraft and is illegal.

Drones with guns

Similarly, drones that are being developed with weapons such as guns attached are not legal and come with a huge set of safety risks of their own.

Drone Guns

This type of gun is not a firearm but is able to effectively shoot the drone down by jamming the signal between drone and drone pilot. As this could cause some safety issues in terms of an uncontrolled landing of the drone, it is not generally a safe way to deter a drone.

Hacking a drone

One deterrent that some people are using it to hack into the drone software, which is effective but under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 unauthorised access to computers is illegal and drone software would currently be covered under this Act, in the absence of any separate drone deterrent laws.

The legal solution

Whilst your safety and privacy are of utmost importance, the last thing you want to do is get into trouble for using a drone deterrent that is illegal.

However, it is really important that you do protect yourself from the growing threats that drones bring. If you want to be sure that your security is not breached and that your privacy is not invaded by drones, you need to use a safe and legal drone deterrent such as MADS.

What is MADS?

MADS stands for Martek Anti Drone System, which detects drone threats, proving you with the ability to assess the threat and implement a suitable defence action. One of the possible deterrent actions is to enable an electronic exclusion zone that initiates the fail-safe mode, which returns the drone to the operator.

Find out more about MADS and how it can legally protect you from the threat of drones.