• September 03, 2019
  • By tecniqode

Drone Attack

As drones become more common in our skies, so to does the misuse of this ground-breaking technology. There has been a huge increase in incidents in recent years involving targeted spying, hacking, and even airborne attack using explosives.

How to protect yourself from a Drone

But what can be done to protect yourself from these threats? Your first line of defence actually lies within the detection of the drone device itself. You might be surprised to learn that an approaching drone can be very difficult to spot and hear whether large or small. Travelling at speeds of up to 100mph you’ll not know about a drone until it is right on top of you, plenty of time for it to capture your data, espionage footage or even emit a terrorist payload.

Drone Detection

But there are Anti-Drone Systems, such as the Martek Anti-Drone System – M.A.D.S which are designed to identify commercial drones within a 5km range. This system allows for you to identify the type of drone approaching your airspace, with make, model, serial number, along with altitude, speed and heading. The system configures in real-time, allowing you to assess the threat level and decide appropriate defence actions.

View the M.A.D.S (Martek Anti-Drone System) detection features work in our mid-range incursion video:

In a real threat situation, this drone detection device is your first line of defence against invasion of privacy, zoom lens video surveillance, covert listening technology, remote aerial hacking and even airborne attack.

To find out more about M.A.D.S and how to safeguard your skies download your buyers guide HERE.