• August 13, 2019
  • By tecniqode

Drones are becoming increasingly popular with the number expecting to surpass 22 million by 2020. Many drones are utilised for very important tasks including being used by military and emergency services, to delivering products for businesses. Unfortunately, there is also a negative side to drones, as they can also pose a safety and security threat.

Drones have become more affordable making them more readily available to people that are not necessarily using them for these useful purposes. Whilst agencies such as the European Union Aviation Safety Agency have published rules to govern the use of drones, these rules are relatively difficult to enforce, leaving public security and privacy protection at risk.

When you are relaxing on your yacht, your privacy and safety is paramount, so there are measures that you can take to ensure that you are adequately protected against drone threats. Drone threats come in all types of forms, from media privacy intrusion to deployment of explosives.

Just like other forms of cyber criminality as technology progresses, criminals are exploring new ways to use drones to their advantage, there have been examples of drones fitted with guns, drone pilots taking pictures that they then use for blackmail and many other dark uses of drones.

Even when the use of the drone is not intended for illegal purposes, it can still cause danger to safety either through interfering with critical technology or physically hitting you or your masts, and potentially falling from a great height.

Ways to protect your yacht from drone threats

The legality around destroying or seizing control of drones varies across the world. In the UK, the government has introduced stricter rules around the use of drones and given the police more power to land and seize drones. However, the laws of drone use and deterrence of illegal drone use is different in each country. Therefore, it is important that you research the laws that cover the location(s) of your superyacht before you consider taking action against them but here are some of the solutions that are available to purchase:


Shooting the drone out of the sky might sound like fun but even in the US you are not permitted to shoot at a drone as it is classed as an aircraft. However, what a DroneGun actually does is it jams the signal between the drone and its pilot, which will allow gravity to take control of the drone and ensure it poses no threat to your yacht.

Drone Malware

Malware can be used to hack a drone to take control over it, so if you are concerned about your safety and privacy, you might want to take a look into what is known as Maldrone malware.
Whilst these sophisticated drone deterrents are highly effective, in many countries they are deemed to be illegal and you are advised to contact police authorities if you are concerned about the illegal use of a drone.

The best way to protect you and your yacht legally is to use a Superyacht drone detector such as M.A.D.S – Martek Anti-Drone System from Martek CUAS, which detects and identifies drones within a 5km range. The sophisticated system enables a 500m+ electronic exclusion zone, ensuring that drones revert to their fail-safe mode and are unable to threaten your privacy and safety.

You can find out more about this drone protection product by visiting www.martekcuas.com