• September 03, 2019
  • By tecniqode


Drones and Digital Hacking

Digital hacking has been a worry for the public since the birth of the digital age, but the development of increasingly new and more intelligent technology has since seen the rising threat reach unprecedented levels, not least the emerging threat from above-Drones. This threat could be hovering over your head without you even realising, and their ability to hack into and influence your much-loved TV and smart phones are often overlooked or unknown.

Media focus on locking down laptops, smartphones and tablet devices has generated some awareness over digital security, however the biggest screen in most households is often left out of the picture, unsecured against the potential of digital hacking. And you might be surprised to know what data and details can be captured from your television. Your Smart TV can fall prey to a huge number of hacker tricks.

Drone Takes Over Smart TV

Watch how a drone easily takes over this smart TV with an off the shelf DJI quadcopter:

Can a Drone Hack My TV?

Besides being able to transmit broadcasts and fake transmissions of any kind through to your family viewed television, the implications of this technology can be far more serious. Modern TVs often use internet connections which can easily be intercepted, allowing hackers to control the display, potentially with phishing messages which ask for the viewer’s passwords, inject keyloggers that capture the user’s remote button presses, and run cryptomining software. All of which offer far worse implications than an interrupted show.

As demonstrated above, a drone can effortlessly be used to facilitate this activity, just by simply hovering above the targeted house. This sort of phishing is thought to be even more effective than email phishing, given that users are less aware of the dangers posed by drones, and the difficulty in spotting or hearing them from inside.

Drone Security

Security researchers have been warning of the vulnerability of the standard smart TV for a number of years, with security researcher Rafael Scheel identifying that attacks against HbbTV sets could be combined with vulnerabilities in Samsung smart TV browsers to gain full remote access to the television sets that persisted even after they were turned on and off again.
So, what can you do to protect your privacy and data?

Worryingly, an encryption method to put a stop to this kind of thing has been created, but no manufacturer has incorporated it into their firmware. There are however measures you can take to ensure your security and safety from the threat of drones.

Anti-Drone Technology

The addition of a drone detection and defeat device to your house or point of interest will alert you to drone activity in your area, providing you with accurate data to see whether the drone is just passing by, or potentially harvesting your data. Some of these systems, such as M.A.D.S the Martek Anti-Drone system can even allow you to secure your airspace by forcing the drone to return to pilot.

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