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Detect and classify malicious drones in your surrounding airspace


Receive real-time drone identification information for evidential purposes


Actively track the location of drone and their pilots in real-time


Successfully mitigate the drone threat with countermeasures

Detect & Identify

  • Detect and identify threats within 5km
  • Identify exact location of operator
  • Monitor GPS position and flight path
  • Modular system allowing easy add-ons
  • View historical drone detection data

Defeat & Mitigate

  • M.A.D.S™ drone disruptor
  • Fixed and portable M.A.D.S™ drone mitigation system available
  • Selectable momentary disruption duration from 30s
  • Initiates drone built in safety protocol
  • Selectable operation frequency bands
  • Long-range disruption ability
  • Forces drone to return to sender

Land Based Infrastructure

It is increasingly becoming part of the due diligence of national infrastructure locations to safeguard their assets against the threat of drones. There have been many well publicised events that have shown the cost and dangers of such incursions. Protect your assets today.

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Are you waking up to the growing threat that drones pose to the privacy, safety and security on-board your yachts? Whether it be the nuisance of paparazzi or a crime threat, super yacht owners are a target.

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As well publicised events have shown, the smallest interference by drones can slow down or stop the movement of trade in and out of port facilities. Learn how you can implement M.A.D.S to save time and money.

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Commercial Shipping

The threat to vessels, cargos and crew from piracy is nothing new in commercial shipping. The use of drones as a new tactic in both piracy and terrorism against international trade is clear. Learn how M.A.D.S can protect your fleet from the threat of drones.

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The capabilities of Drones are fast overtaking expectations and can now deliver severe threats. High-end residential properties are prime targets for these terrorist uses of drones. What do you have in place to protect your family and possessions from these very real threats?

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Land-Based Military

Military bases and compounds are prime targets for the terrorist use of drones and are currently powerless to know if/when they’re going to be attacked by UAV. Off the shelf drones are fully capable of interrupting data centre operations, causing system malfunctions and server failures, all whilst capturing exclusive data profiles, and the capabilities of a modified UAV could be much more advanced.

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